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Kalamata is the capital of Messenia region in Greece. It is situated at confluence of the crystal-blue Messinian Bay and the towering Mount Taygetos, and is known for its superlative grade of natural scenery. Kalamata has a wide range of historical monuments too and a visitor would be advised to start exploring this city from its historical centre to see a vivid account of its past. Owing to its central location in Messenia region, this Greek city is also the stopover point to various tourist and cultural destinations situated adjacent to the city.

Places of Interest in Kalamata
Saint Apostles
The historic church of Saint Apostles was built in 1317 AD by Emperor Andronicus in Kalamata and was later appended with numerous changes. Central to its reputation is the historical fact that it is where the Greek Revolution against the Turkish Empire was declared on March 25th 1821 and numerous Greek freedom fighters took an oath here to put an end to Turkish rule in Greece. Saint Apostles is located in the older part of the city and visitors should take some time out to admire the both the church and its adjacent surrounding.

The Archaeological Museum of Messinia
The Archaeological Museum of Messinia is situated in Kalamata and is located close to Saint Apostles. This museum has a remarkable collection of artifacts that range from prehistoric to the Byzantine era on a timescale so as to give a holistic view of the cultural and historical identity of the city. You should skip the line here to see a gold signet ring of the 1600 BC and some classic Greek figurines and gold jewelry.

Castle of Kalamata
The thirteenth century Castle of Kalamata is situated atop a pine hill overlooking the sea. This castle has been immortalized in Angelos Terzakis’s novel ‘Princess Izampo’. Visitors would also like to see a semi-cavernous temple of Saint John at the foot of the castle that perhaps dates back to Byzantine era. Common folklore assumes that the citadel of ancient Pharai was situated below the Castle of Kalamata.

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