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Milos Island is one amongst the Cyclades islands group in the Aegean Sea, Greece. This volcanic Greek island is famous for the statues of Venus or Aphrodite (in the Louvre Museum, Paris). Its beautiful beaches, rocks, and clear water captures sight of every tourist. Due to its natural beauty the island is known as "the Island of Colors". There are near about 80 beaches throughout the island. Enjoy here beautiful sunsets and the calm atmosphere. The picturesque architecture found in the villages of island is really thrilling. So, do not miss the opportunity to spend a peaceful vacation in the serene and charming atmosphere!

Places of Interest in Milos Island
Ancient town of Klima
The ancient town of Klima used to be the first port of the Milos island. In the area are two acropolis, the hill of Prophitis Illias and Pyrgaki. The exact spot where the statue of Aphrodite of Milos (Venus de Milo) was found lies in this ancient town. Visitors get the opportunity to explore the ruins of the market-place walls, temple from Hellenistic and Roman period, and the ancient theater.

Archaeological Museum
Situated in Plaka is the Archaeological Museum of Milos. The magnificient building in neoclassical style by Ernst Ziller is home to the museum. The museum's rich and wonderful collection comprises of prehistoric collection from Fylakop, sculptures and bas-reliefs, obsidian exfoliates from Fylakopi, Nyhia and Demenegaki, a large burial jar dated from the 6th century BC, inscriptions, and more. Within a small room are geometric, archaic, classic, Hellenistic and Roman works, plenty of coins, tools and handy objects which are admired by all.

Early Christian Catacombs
In the caves near the Village Trypiti are located Early Christian Catacombs. These catacombs are one of the famous, unique, and remarkable Christian monuments. It used to be the first gathering place of the first Christians. These were used as municipal cemetery during the end of the 2nd century BC. These catacombs are located quite close to the catacombs of Rome and of the Holy Land.

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