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Pisa is a city in Tuscany, Italy. The city’s name is seldom spoken without a reference to its numero uno attraction - Leaning Tower of Pisa, even though the former also has several historic churches, medieval palaces, and decorated bridges over the River Arno that would not fail to impress you at the first sight. You would be surprised to know that ahead of its reputation as an artistic city, Pisa is essentially a university city and that every three of its five inhabitants are the students of an iconic 14th century academia- the University of Pisa.

Places of Interest in Pisa
Torre Pendente (or Leaning Tower)
Originally conceived as a cathedral's bell tower, Torre Penedente’s construction began in 1173 AD. Nothing strange had happened during first five years but soon afterwards, the beautiful structure started to lean due to its foundation over weak clay grounds. The more the efforts were put in place to arrest its tilting, the more adverse effects they had over the buildings until was decided to leave the poor thing as such. Visitors can today have a look on its inside after a reservation-based ticket for €18, however kids under eight years of age wouldn’t be allowed to go inside.

Museo Delle Sinopie (or Museum of Sinopias)
A real treat for the eyes, Museo delle Sinopie should certainly be in the list of any visitor’s itinerary. Post the Second World War, most of the surviving murals of Pisa's 13th century cemetery Campo Santo were detached to in order to preserve them. It was then that some artist sketches were accidentally discovered underneath them. Museo delle Sinopie is home to all those miraculous saves and artistic depictions. A combined ticket for three museums here would only cost €8.

Museo Nazionale di San Matteo (or National Museum of San Matteo)
Museo Nazionale di San Matteo is a history and art museum that is home to most of the original artworks from all the churches in and around Pisa from Medieval period to 16th century. It also has a stellar collection of antique paintings, medieval illuminated manuscripts, wooden religious sculpture from 13th century to 15th century and even some antique ceramics.

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