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Fairbanks is the second-largest city in Alaska, US. It is famous for the natural phenomena called Aurora Borealis and the Midnight Sun where the sun remains visible even at midnight- and it is one of the most thrilling phenomena to experience in your Fairbanks vacation. This reputation is seconded by the city’s unique geographical identity that comprises of sprawling miles of wilderness, mountain ranges, rivers, native wildlife and a glorious backdrop of hundreds of years old cultural events and festivals. Also of note are the typical Alaskan Native culture and an extensive arts scene. It is advisable to book your Fairbanks vacation packages well in advance to avoid last minute rush and inflated prices.

The best time to visit Fairbanks is the summer season. It runs from June to August and mercury hovers between 65-73 deg F. Given that Alaska is one of the coldest places in the world and is frozen for most parts the year, the only time to come here is obviously the summer season when it is warmest.

Places of interest in Fairbanks
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Spread across more than 30000 square miles, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is the largest National Wildlife Refuge in the United States. It consists of 6 different ecological zones that together host the greatest variety of plant and animal life among all protected areas in the Arctic Circle. This famous refuge is situated near two Canadian National Parks, Ivvavik and Vuntut.

Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights)

Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon involving a magical display of colorful curtains that are seen in the sky from mid-August to April during nights. Fairbanks is one of the world’s most famous places to observe this delightful occurrence.

Golden Days Festival

Fairbanks’ Golden Days Festival is a five days long cultural event that takes place during the third week of July. It celebrates the city’s history and the discovery of gold (in 1902). It is characterized by several cultural events wherein residents move through the city flaunting Victorian style clothes. Central to this iconic festival’s extensive fan following is the Golden Days Parade that is heralded by bands, antique cars, clowns, jugglers, and several decorated floats.

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