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Imagine a twenty year old lieutenant, commanding twenty-five soldiers against a thousand armed men. This courage goes by the name of 2nd Lt. Casper Collins, who led his men into annihilation with least trepidation in his heart and became the reason the city came to be known thus. It was the Battle of Platte Bridge in 1865 AD and the city has come a long way since. Casper now is the largest city of Natrona county in Wyoming (US). This city is situated in a valley of the North Platte River and the Laramie Mountains. Obviously, Casper would have a charm kept aside for its visitors and you can find it by going on a ferry in the river.

Places of Interest in Casper
National Historic Trails Interpretive Center
National Historic Trails Interpretive Center is the best possible way to admire the beauty and history of Casper. It helps visitors explore the most significant names in Western America’s history. While America was expanding, some trails like Oregon and Pony Express were in the focus of some real-life drama and fifty thousand people who walked through here during the mid-eighteenth century.

Fort Caspar
Remember the blitzkrieg concerning 2nd Lt. Casper Collins that we talked about a little while earlier? Fort Casper is where this battle took place in 1865 AD and was named after 2nd Lieutenant Caspar Collins, a U.S. Army officer who laid down his life protecting his post. The site of the fort is operated as the Fort Caspar Museum and Historic Site. It features reconstructed log buildings and a replica of the Mormon ferry of 1847 AD.

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