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Cheap Berlin Vacation Packages

Germany is best known for its historical associations as the German capital, internationalism and tolerance, lively nightlife (in cafés, clubs and bars), street art, museums, palaces along with scores of other sites of national and historic importance. Berlin is indeed an overwhelmingly beautiful city and this truth only magnifies when you realize that it has borne the brunt of both the World Wars. It had been brutally ravaged, burnt, destroyed and plundered then, but it had an unbending resilience to pick up the broken pieces of its beauty and pride to emerge as the shimmering example of a world city.

Places of Interest in Berlin
Museumsinsel (or Museum Island)
Museumsinsel is a conglomeration of many museums with breathtaking historical collections. It is best known for its iconic Pergamon Museum, which has a vast collection of ancient Greek, Middle-Eastern and Islamic art, and architecture. Other notable museums that adore this island are the Altes Museum (famous for its collection of Egyptian artifacts), the Alte Nationalgalerie Museum (famous for some beautiful 200 years old German paintings) and the reopened Bode-Museum (it has some historic artifacts of Byzantine era). The recently reopened Neues Museum houses Neanderthal and other prehistoric archaeological finds, plus some of the treasures unearthed at the legendary city of Troy.

The Topography of Terror
The Topography of Terror is the best place in Berlin to know about the atrocities carried out by Nazi and Soviet forces against the Jews and human dignity, in general, during the Second World War. It is a museum that is built where the Nazi SS headquarters once stood. This museum also demarcates a boundary between the ones existent East and West parts of Germany. A stellar attraction here is the series of excavated prison cells located directly under a remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall - this is exactly where political dissidents and Jewish prisoners were tortured.

Jewish Museum
Three terms - the Second World War, Germany and Jews are synonymous with each other, at least as far as Hitler is concerned. The Jewish Museum in Berlin was opened to the public in 2001 AD. This museum portrays the Jewish history in Germany from the fourth century till date along social, political, and cultural domains. It also presents a holistic account of the aftermath of the horrendous Jewish genocide during the Second World War. It should be noted that as a mark of poetic justice, the Prussian Court of Justice (estd. 1735 AD) now serves as an entrance to the new building.

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