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Angers, a historical capital of Anjou, is a city in western France and is approximately 300 kilometers away from Paris, 90 kilometers from Nantes, and 110 kilometers from Tours. For several centuries the city had a stronghold in the northwestern region of France. Apart from this, Angers is amongst the major economic center in the western France. People of the city are known to enjoy rich cultural life mainly due to its museums and universities. Winters here are wet with frosts and snowfall and summers are sunny and warm.

Places of Interest in Angers
Castle of Angers: Castle of Angers in the Loire Valley in France was established by the Counts of Anjou. It was enlarged to its current size in the 13th century. During First and Second World War the castle was used as an arms depot. It was severely damaged by Nazis during the Second World War. The Castle now has been turned into a museum and owns a vast collection of medieval tapestries.

Terra Botanica: Terra Botanica is an amusement and botanical park in Angers. It is ideal for both, young and old alike. The park features amazing variety of plants displayed beautifully. There are various sign boards here, where description is written in English, thus making it easy for everyone to understand. Terra Botanica offers plenty of activities for the visitors and features food points, where picnickers can indulge themselves in tasty delights.

The St. Maurice Cathedral of Angers: The St. Maurice Cathedral of Angers was constructed between 11th and 16th century. The Cathedral is an alluring amalgamation of Roman and Gothic architectural designs. Due to its amazing and outstanding design, in the year 1862, the Cathedral was declared as the National Monument of the France. Its windows are thought to be amongst the great art works of 13th century France.

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