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Hotels in Samara, Russia

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Samara

Featuring broad streets and many high-rises, the area of Novo-Sadovaya Street is visited by thousands of visitors every year. The area is the epicenter of all cultural activities in the city. Theater lovers can visit one of its five drama theaters while there is a special cultural hall for ballet and opera fans.

People who want to stay close to nature will love to stay in riverfront area along the Mastryukovskie Lakes. The area offers a lot of scenic waking and hiking trails. But the major crowd puller for this area is the famous open-air musical celebration of Grushinsky Festival. Held in July annually, the festival focuses on bard, camping, student and author’s songs.

The area lying close to Samara’s Kurumoch International Airport is ideal for people visiting the city for the first time. The area not only saves visitors from any inconvenience but also offers a wide range of both budget and luxury hotels including the Aviaotel Hotel, the Park Hotel Gorodok and more.

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