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Hotels in Namsos, Norway

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Namsos

Running along the waterfront of Namsos, Sverres gate is famed for its picturesque setting in whole town and municipalities of Namsos. Take a pleasing walk along the waterfront while marveling at colorful homes located next to the river. The area is also home to the superlative Rica Rock City Hotel.

Just 100 meters away from Namsos city center, Havne Gata is a thriving locality which features city’s finest hotels like the Rica Namsos Hotel and more. While staying in this hotel, you can enjoy lovely sweeping views of Namsos Fjord from the window of your room. Music lovers can enjoy entertaining pop and rock music at the nearly placed Rock City Center.

Verftsgata is another lively locality which is home to excellent mid-range hotels like the Tino's Hotel and more. Apart from all modern amenities, the hotel also has a restaurant and serves delicious food as well.

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