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Hotels in Flin Flon, Canada

Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Flin Flon

Manitoba Provincial Trunk Highway 10 is home to Flin Flon’s top attractions like the Flin Flon Station Museum where you can explore mining exhibits that were used in Hudson Bay and items from the pioneering period. The museum is located inside the Flin Flon Tourist Park that also offers a lot of recreational activities for families.

Ross Street is one of the most scenic areas in Flin Flon that lies very close to downtown area. Wide and spacious streets lined by mature trees make this place excellent for walking or jogging. Visit its Hapnot Lake Wildlife Sanctuary that attracts hundreds of birds who come here for nesting.

Located in the heart of Flin Flon, Main Street is one of the most buzzing areas in the city. Here you will find a wealth of quality hotels like the Royal Hotel, Orelon Motel, Copperbelt Hotel and more. Some of city’s top restaurants and shops are also located in this street.

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