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Neighborhoods to Book a Hotel in Changsha

Arguably the most famous urban district in Changsha, Yeulu lies close to the Yeulu Mountain. The mountain offers excellent hiking trails and its proximity to the Xiang River contributes immensely to the scenic beauty of Yeulu. The area is home to various universities and the centrally located Yeulu Park is ideal for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

Located on the eastern banks of the Xiang River, Bayi Lu is one of the most famous areas in Changsha. The area is home to the Changsha City Museum featuring various facts of Mao’s life through photographs and poems. Watch out for the imposing metal statue of the legend at the entrance.

Running along the scenic Xiang River, Dongfeng Lu is known for being the home of the Hunan Provincial Museum, easily one of the best Chinese museums. Explore its more than 2000 years old Western Han tombs of Mawangdui.