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8 Year-Round Sunny Destinations to Visit in the Summer or Any Other Season

Two girls having fun in the water
Written by Chris Osburn

Sunny summer destinations all year-round are the ideal tourist attraction, especially if said tourist is coming from a region that suffers from rain or snow at specific points throughout the year. Year-round sunny destinations have a natural appeal that could cause one to fall in love with the locale’s natural beauty. Natural beauty can be seen in the crystal clear sea-green water of the oceans, in the fertile and lush vegetation encouraging the warm island breeze, and the invigorating caress of the sun being available even during the heart of traditional winter months, having a summer destination in the winter is the perfect way to bolster personal morale.


traveler with backpack in a city in vietnam

Most of Vietnam reaches full-on summer mode by late March and is still pretty sunny, especially in the southeastern region, after the peak travel season has ended in the fall. Skies are blue, beaches are full, and there is absolutely no hint of a drop of rain. This exotic and fascinating Southeast Asian nation offers budget-conscious travelers more than just sunshine and beaches. You can visit ancient temples in Hanoi, eat scrumptious street food in Ho Chi Minh City, and find reasonable accommodation throughout the country for around $40 to $50 a day


a girl stands outside a colorful house in colombia

Love sunshine but not up for too much of a long haul? Think Colombia. In just 5 1/2 hours you could be visiting art galleries, sipping cold craft beer, or filling your evenings with impromptu salsa parties.  It’s now a vibrant metropolis surrounded by the natural beauty of the Aburrá Valley. Catch the ski gondola for breathtaking views or simply soak in the rays while you sip what many believe to be the best coffee in the world. How much you want to do or see — you decide!

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico, is the place to visit for warmer weather all year round, with a wealth of activities and attractions. With Ziplining, Cenote explorations, and beaches where the sand is white as the water is blue, there is certainly no shortage of outdoor activities for the more adventurous visitor. The Tulum Ruins and the archeological zone of Muyil are a couple more reasons to visit this historical Mayan city. Both destinations boast architecture and stonework that radiates deep history of wealth and enduring culture. These ruins attract visitors worldwide who want to experience this enduring monument of an ancient civilization while basking in the reinvigorating warmth of a yearlong summer.

Cook Islands

Young couple, male and female visit Aitutaki Lagoon, Cook Islands

For the ultimate tropical island getaway, make your way to the friendly little Cook Islands. Sprinkled across a swathe of the South Pacific, these little bits of paradise are luxuriously remote yet conveniently accessible for sun worshippers to visit all year round. While the islands are renowned for their pristine beaches, there’s much more to experience beyond them. Waterfalls, tropical rivers, and lush green forests make up the interiors. You can opt for off-road four-wheeled adventures or choose the more relaxing routes for long hikes with the help of local guides. Whatever you choose to do during the day, don’t forget to enjoy the islands’ delights by night. The Cooks are well known for market dining with stalls selling local seafood, coconut infused sweets, and curries. Enjoy long evenings at Muri Night Market with some the best Polynesian cuisine on the islands!

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a vast blended landscape of stunning, natural beauty. A boat tour of the Amazon would bring one face to face with some of the most vivid natural wonders of the world. Boasting overwhelming biodiversity, the river, and the rainforest alike introduce tourists to wildlife and vegetation that does not naturally exist anywhere else. Those who seek more of a challenging experience will find this in the several rock climbing spots of the region. From rocky outcrops overlooking the lush green rainforest to climbing walls that allow one to survey the sweltering sandy dunes, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, is a sunny year-round destination with endless experiences.

Havana, Cuba

A port town that experiences no less than 2,100 hours of sunshine per year, Havana is certainly one travel destination where we can experience summer all year round. The time-worn architecture and landmarks throughout will transport tourists back to an earlier era, allowing them the opportunity to pay homage to a culture that has endured to give the city of Havana its unique presence. For those more interested in recent sensations, Havana, Cuba, is one of the world’s most well-known food tourist destinations. The locale cuisine is a delicious blend of exotic and homemade and will undoubtedly inspire repeat visits to this city that is a well-preserved slice of history.

Costa del Sol, Spain

Located on the southern coast of Spain, Costa del Sol is known as the Sunshine Coast of the region. This moniker is earned by the 2,905 hours of sunshine this region experiences each year. Caressed by the Mediterranean sea, this region is home to some of the most unique beaches in the world. From the La Rada, which is host to all manner of modern amenities, to the more reclusive Maro beach, Costa del Sol has no shortage of opportunities for fun in the sun. For those who wish to do more than sun themselves, however, exploring the colossal subterranean Caves of Nerja is an excellent way to escape the heat!

Cape Town, South Africa

The capital of South Africa, Cape Town, is a coastal city that fully embraces its own culture, and a perfect excuse to start looking for cheap flights in July. A tour of the town will undoubtedly include the Robben island museum, which is set against the backdrop of the ocean and will prove to be an emotional experience for those familiar with the region’s history. The Iziko Slave Lodge and the Groote Schuur Estate are also tourist destinations that turn any vacation into a historical experience. The beaches in Cape Town are considered to be some of the environmentally friendly in the world. Culminating a daily excursion by witnessing one of Cape Town’s renowned sunsets will serve as an experience one would never forget.

Can’t make it to summer without a meltdown? We’d love to hear about your favorite hot spots around the world.

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