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Weekend Trips to Take with Your Dad: Where to Go & What to Do

man relaxing on the beach
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on June 8, 2021.

Stuck for inspiration on what to get your dad this Father’s Day? Don’t be. Give him (and yourself) the gift of travel with some dedicated downtime to catch up and hang out together.

No suits and ties are required – or allowed – for these weekend trip ideas with dad! But you and your ole man might want to wear a good pair of socks and comfy sneakers for most of these adventures.

Remember When…?

father and son cooking together

Relive the best travel memories of your childhood by treating Pop to a redo – this time with you in the driver’s seat and in charge of the wallet. You could try to rebook that beach house where you spent your summer vacation when you were young or go on ahead to the mountains for a hike that you both loved to do years ago.

Did your family tend to go to the same Florida beach or Colorado ski resort every year? Is there a framed family photo from a trip on your dad’s desk or placed prominently in his office or workshop? He might be longing for a reboot of those happy days.

Embrace Dad Jokes!

comedy show

Let’s face it, your dad’s jokes aren’t all that great. But you’ve gotta give him his due for trying. Reward his efforts with a comedy-focused trip.

A night out at the clubs in Chicago, ancestral home and still torchbearer of improve, is guaranteed for a gazillion of guffaws. Same can be said about yucking it up in comedy heartland of Toronto or attempting to catch a glimpse of the next rising star in L.A.

Are you both big fans of a late night TV? A trip to New York with plans to see Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, or Trevor Noah (or whomever your favorite is) do his stuff in front of a studio audience – or maybe attend an episode of Saturday Night Live – should prove to be an absolute blast.

Take Pops to the Ball Game!

man at baseball game

Like watching sports with your dad? Take him out to the ball game! Baseball season could be a terrific excuse to spend some time together and a good excuse for visiting a favorite destination or discover a new one.

Of course, if you and your dad share an affinity for football or another sport with a season that’s already passed or will happen closer to the end of the year, an IOU gift of game day tickets or a season pass might be a great way to extend the Father’s Day fun and give you both something to look forward to.  Tix to, say, an Eagles home game would be the pinnacle of an awesome weekend in Philly.  By the way, the Eagles first preseason game is at Lincoln Financial Field in early August against upstate rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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Gone Fishin’!

father and son fishing

You know what they say about a bad day fishing…it’s better than a good day doing just about anything else! If your dad loves to fish, there’s no better gift than inviting him to do just that. From fly fishing in Montana to deep-sea excursions off the North Carolina coast and all sorts of other reasons to cast a line across the world, booking Father’s Day flights to just go fishing is ideal for lots of folks to relax and enjoy the company of those who mean the most to them.

How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day? Tell us where you’re going in the comments below if you’re traveling!

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