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Top Dogs! Four Ballparks to Visit by Their Signature Hotdogs

At long last for baseball fans across North America, the season is in full swing. Ballparks from San Francisco to Boston will fill up with those looking to catch the new season. While visiting different ballparks across the United States can be its own travel itinerary, a fan and traveler has to eat in between innings. Just as different regions are known for certain dishes, the same can be said for different stadiums and their take on the hot dog.  If America’s pastime doesn’t get your attention, perhaps its hotdogs will. You can travel for love the game and the game’s cuisine by following these franks across the country’s baseball stadiums.

Fenway Park (Boston), The Fenway Frank:
Aside from being one the United States’ oldest ballparks, Fenway Park is not solely worth the trip for a Red Sox game or even to be a part baseball history. This historic ballpark is known for its Fenway Frank. If you order up a hotdog here, you will receive a beef hot dog, most likely using hometown frank supplier Kayem. The hot dog is then steamed, grilled or rolled and dropped inside a New England style bun.

Wrigley Field (Chicago), Chicago-Style Dog:
It might not be native to the stadium, but Wrigley Field serves Chicago-Style Dogs in perhaps the most fitting location. Within the confines of the ivy, you can sample the park’s signature hot dog. The beef hot dog is generally simmered in boiling water. It is then placed in a poppy seed bun. This ballpark staple is truly a mouthful for what comes on top. The dog is drenched in sautéed sweet onions, diced tomatoes, kosher pickle spears, peppers, yellow mustard and the always eye popping, how-can-this-color-be-found-in nature, neon-green relish. To complete this ballpark signature dog, most vendors add a dash of celery salt.

Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles), The Dodger Dog: For most, hot dog heaven is a frank that measures a foot long. Appropriately, in the City of Angels, Dodger Stadium serves up a pork frank foot long. The Dodger Dog is either grilled or steamed. The foot long is then placed in a steamed bun and topped with mustard and relish. Its size certainly could fill up a game or at least a few innings.

Turner Field (Atlanta), The Dixie Dog: If you find yourself in the South of the United States looking to catch a baseball game and a famous dog, Turner Field doesn’t disappoint. The Atlanta Braves Dixie Dog is fried, as most things are in the South. The all beef dog measures a foot long. It is then dressed in a mustard based barbecue sauce, pulled pork, coleslaw and pickles. You will probably need a napkin and a fork for this one.

Would you travel for one of these dogs? What’s your favorite ballpark signature hot dog?


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