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Hot Dogs and Homeruns, Anyone? 3 Great Ballparks to Visit for Their Signature Franks!

Written by Going Places

This blog post was updated on July 11, 2022.

Although visiting various baseball ballparks across the United States can be fun on its own, a true fan of America’s pastime surely has to eat in between innings. Just as different regions are known for certain dishes, so too are different stadiums known for their take on the classic hot dog. Join us on short tour of amazing parks and their signature dogs!

Fenway Park, Boston: The Fenway Frank

Aside from being one the United States’ oldest ballparks, and home to the storied Red Sox, historic Fenway Park is also known for its very own Fenway Frank. Sox fans may not be able to tell you exactly why their Fenway Frank is better, but that won’t stop these ardent adherents from defending their dogs to the last breath. (And that’s Boston sports fans in a nutshell…) The Fenway Frank is made from premium cuts of pork and beef, and has lovingly been provided by hometown supplier Kayem Meats since 1909. The dog is steamed to a plump perfection, and then dropped inside a New England style bun, flat on both sides and split on the top.

Wrigley Field, Chicago: Chicago-Style Dog

The Chicago-style hot dog might not be native to Wrigley Field, but this signature dog has become most closely associated with Chicago’s fabled field. The beef hot dog is generally simmered in boiling water, then placed in a poppy seed bun. This ballpark staple is truly a mouthful based on what comes on top: sautéed sweet onions, diced tomatoes, kosher pickle spears, peppers, yellow mustard, and the always eye popping, how-can-this-color-be-found-in-nature, neon-green relish. To complete this ballpark signature dog, most vendors add a dash of celery salt.

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Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles: The Dodger Dog

To many, a true hot dog should be a frank that measures a foot long. If you’re among them and intend to book cheap vacation packages to the City of Angels, you’re in luck, because the iconic Dodger Stadium serves up a pork frank exactly this size! The Dodger Dog is either grilled or steamed. Then it’s placed in a steamed bun and topped with mustard and relish. Its size certainly could fill up a game…or at least a few innings!

Would you travel for one of these dogs? What’s your favorite ballpark signature hot dog? Let us know at our comments section below!

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