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The 8 Places for the Best Burritos in San Francisco

Beautiful girl with an appetite eating a burrito on the street
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on April 2, 2020.

On a mission to experience the biggest, baddest, and most bodacious burritos in the world? San Francisco is top choice for most chowhounds seeking to call it a wrap on where to enjoy this most delicious of Mexican dishes.

No matter if you’re after the meatiest mounds or healthiest of vegan options to stuff inside your tortilla, California’s city by the bay has a burrito just for you. Here’s our look at some the most significant spots to bite into a beautiful, bountiful burrito in SF.

El Castillito

2092 Mission Street

El Castillito caused quite the stir in San Fran when it was left out of the Burrito Bracket fiasco a few years ago, earning it the nickname “the one that got away.” Cuts of meat flavored with cumin and garlic speak volumes for why chef David Chang said it might be the best burrito he’s ever eaten.

Woman eating a burrito

El Farolito

2779 Mission Street

If you like to use both hands when you eat your burrito then El Farolito is the place. Oversized chunks of pork, chicken, beef, and avocado wrapped to perfection will have you running through napkins at a rate. If you’re foodie with a more adventurous palate, then tuck into options such as sesos, lengua, and cabeza.

HRD Coffee Shop

521A Third Street 

HRD’s burritos are a mix of all things SF — cosmopolitan and tasty. They take the kimchee, spicy pork, brown rice, and kiwi route and offer a new take on an old favorite. Hey, anything that celebrates the spirit of this city gets our vote!

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The Little Chihuahua

581 Valencia Street

If you prefer your burrito on the premium side of things, then TLC is the place for you. With sustainably sourced ingredients, the menu offers upgrades on your burrito, but as with any upgrade be prepared to pay a little more for it. Opt for the vegetarian and vegan choices here — they come highly recommended.

Pancho Villa Taqueria

3071 16th Street

This family-run business stays true to its roots with fresh natural ingredients cooked right in front of you. There’s much to be said for watching and listening to your food being prepared; it builds anticipation. We assure you a single bite of their grilled chicken burrito and you will be back for more.

two beef burritos with rice, black beans and salsa

Papalote Mexican Grill

3409 24th Street

Three words: Roasted. Tomato. Salsa. Take it home in their jars, share it with your family or whatever but for heaven’s sake celebrate it! It’s what they’re most famous for. That and the quality vegetarian and vegan options.

La Taqueria

2889 Mission Street

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If you’re the no rice type then keep La Taqueria in mind. And be sure to admire all the awards La Taq has won. Did you know it just happens to be the most awarded burrito joint in America? Their burritos are small, delicious, and pack a punch. You might want to order another one.

Taqueria Cancún

2288 Mission Street

Taqueria Cancún’s burritos are as well balanced as any you’ll ever taste with punchy sweet sauce, just the right amount of rice, and the meat of your choice. Yes please!

Did we leave your favorite burrito place off our list? We’d love to hear more about where you love to eat in the Bay Area.


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