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“Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition” Coming Soon to London

Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition
Image via Flickr Creative Commons - Olivier Duquesne
Written by Dhinesh Manuel

This blog post was updated on August 3, 2021.

There’s a reason now for Star Wars fans to throw your lightsabers up in the air, and waive em’ around like you just don’t care. The latest Star Wars interactive exhibit is now going to hit London with all the force of…well… The FORCE!

Here’s the low-down on Star Wars Identities: The Exhibition


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Nah. Just kidding. It’s in London at the O2.


November 18, 2016 – September 3, 2017 (it’s currently in Munich till October 17)

Star Wars Identities_The Exhibition

Image via Flickr Creative Commons – Mack Male

The Main Theme

Dig deep into the characters of Luke and Anakin Skywalker and see how they develop their unique identities, molded by the characters they meet, from origins to final destiny.

What Do You Get to See?

Ohja Darth Vader #darthvader #münchen#starwarsidentities

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You can check out 200 never-before-seen props, models, costumes, and artworks, including R2-D2, BB-8, Darth Vader, and the Millennium Falcon. You can also see early sketches on how Star Wars characters’ looks evolved on to the big screen.

Cool Stuff You Get to Play With

Star Wars Identities_The Exhibition

Image via Flickr Creative Commons – Kristy McPherson

Create your own Star Wars avatar and then progress into an interactive identity quest that will determine if you belong to the “Dark Side” or not – choose wisely, you must!

Important to Know

While fans are encouraged to come in their best costumes, helmets or masks covering the face are not allowed (Sorry aspiring stormtroopers and Chewies). Also, no lightsabers or other replica weapons of any type are allowed.

When and Where Can I Get Tickets?

Tickets go on sale September 30, 2016. Visit for more info and to purchase tickets.

May the … oh well, nevermind, just GO!


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