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QUIZ: How Badly Do You Behave On Vacation?

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Written by Brian Lees

Are you as innocent as you look?

Travel Ninja [tra-vəl nin-juh]noun, plural travel ninja, travel ninjas. (often initial capital letters)

  1. a member of the traveling public who performs uncharacteristic, yet seemingly highly trained, mercenary acts of stealth (ninjutsu) for covert purposes ranging from pre-takeoff seat-back reclining, to all-you-can-eat buffet excess.
Travel Ninjas come in every shape and size but all have one thing in common—covert travel misbehavior!

Like many folks, you may have set off on a trip only to discover (as early as the airport), that you’ve left your best manners behind. Stressful situations, long lines, and that strong desire to get the MOST from your hard earned vacation, can, at times, affect us all to one degree or another!

We wanted to find out just how widespread this Travel Ninja ailment really is, so we’ve polled colleagues and travel experts in order to pull together 20 travel behaviors, that’ll define what level of Travel Ninja you are.

So, find out where you stack up by taking our soul baring, shame inducing, don’t tell the children—Travel Ninja Checklist Quiz. (If you dare!)

Are you ashamed of your actions or vindicated by your years of well mannered traveling? Let us know in the comments.

(Your behaviors are strictly confidential and are not endorsed or condoned in any way by OneTravel!)

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Brian Lees

Brian Lees is a Content Writer and Editor with 21 years of experience in the travel industry and a lifetime of personal traveling memories. Originally from Scotland, Brian is a big fan of soccer, family, friends, and food. He's now happily settled on South Shore Long Island with a wife, 2 kids, and a dog to keep him busy! Between trips to Jones Beach, he's happy to keep the OneTravel blog filled with travel insights for you all.

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