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Prost! 11 German Phrases to Know at The Table

This blog post was updated on July 27, 2021.

Prost! 11 German Phrases to Know at The Table
With the largest Oktoberfest held in Munich in a little over a month, travelers have a bit of time to either plan a trip to Germany or prepare for their already booked travels. While Oktoberfest comes with its own slue of vocabulary words you might want to brush up on before you grab a beer stein and pretzel, there are several useful phrases to know in a wining and dining setting in Germany. Before you head out to Oktoberfest in a month or even just to a restaurant in Germany, be sure you have mastered these phrases.
Can I sit here? — Ist hier noch frei?
What do you recommend? — Was empfehlen Sie?
What kinds of sausages are these? — Welche art Würste sind diese?
How much does a liter of beer cost? — Wie viel kostet ein Maß
I would like to have… — Ich hätte gern bitte…
Enjoy your meal! — Guten Appetit!
Another beer please! — Noch ein Bier bitte!
It was delicious! — Es war sehr lecker!
Do you know where the bathroom is? — Wissen Sie wo die Toiletten sind?
Check please — Die Rechnung bitte
Cheers! — Prost!

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