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Take a Break from the Rides & Check Out Orlando’s Natural Attractions!

Written by Suzy Guese

This blog post was updated on July 16, 2019.

When Orlando comes to mind, it’s difficult not to conjure up images of roller coasters, larger-than-life virtual realities, and a never-ending string of attractions. But while theme parks have engulfed Orlando for the most part, there are still innumerable natural attractions, making this city one that could appeal to even the most outdoorsy travelers out there!

Check out our list of these must-see natural wonders of Orlando!

Leu Gardensleu-gardens

In the Leu Gardens in Orlando, you will find not just America’s third-largest Camellia collection, but also the largest formal rose garden in Florida. While most tourists to Orlando hardly have time to stop and smell the roses amidst activity-packed theme park visits, these gardens are for those who can appreciate a slower pace to the city. The Leu Gardens also contain a butterfly garden, a two-acre tropical stream garden, and even a national historic house from the 1880s.

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Orlando’s 3,500-year-old Tree:”The Senator”


Image via Flickr CC 2.0 – Ed Summers

Who needs a theme park to make you feel young? Just under a half an hour from the city center of Orlando, in Longwood, you can meet “The Senator”, a 3,500-year-old Bald Cypress in Big Tree Park. Gazing up at this wise living being will make anyone feel like a kid in comparison. You can also roam the park’s natural vegetation and marshland.

Tibet-Butler Preservepreserve

If your idea of a great time is some easy hiking and walking, then this nature preserve is the only excuse you need to head to Orlando. With numerous self-guided paths lined with endless trees and creeks, a nature center complete with interactive information on the local wildlife, and pristine and quiet picnic tables dotted along the way, this is a great spot for visitors of all ages! The best part? It’s FREE! 

Lake Eolalake-eola

You might only notice the water features in the theme parks, which are colored the perfect shade of turquoise. However, if you get outside of the queuing lines and ticket counters, you will find Lake Eola in downtown Orlando, the ultimate water feature in the city. With a mile-long sidewalk you can stroll along, the Lake provides not just lush scenery, but also entertainment. From craft fairs to an amphitheater, the area hosts its fair share of attractions.

Do you have any favorite natural attractions in Orlando you love to visit? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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