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How to Pick the Right Hotel in London

This blog post was updated on July 28, 2021.

Someone who works in the hotel industry here in London recently explained to me that there are more than 80 luxury hotels within a 15 minute walk of each other in Central London. Expand the range a little, throw in however many hotels not categorized as “luxury” along with any and all other varieties of overnight accommodations and you’ve got a lot of places where visitors can potentially lay their heads in this city.

Having so many options is surely a good thing, but it can be overwhelming narrowing down your list. Have a look at these simple tips to help your decision making a little easier.

Where are you coming from?

Flying in? And to which airport? Consider booking a hotel that’s within close proximity of your airport  – or of the rail station with the best access to your airport. For example, if you’re flying in/out of Heathrow, consider staying in West London, near Paddington Station (for 15 minutes ride to the airport via the Heathrow Express) or anywhere near the London Underground’s Piccadilly Line which actually goes all the way out to Heathrow.

Why are you in town?

Here for a conference? Music festival? Family vacation? A little research goes a long way in understanding where to stay. Soho might seem like a great place to stay for your business trip or family vacation – it’s central, well service by public transport and cabs, and nearby many popular attractions. However, it’s also the nexus of some of the city’s most vibrant nightlife with loads of clubs and bars and shops geared toward more adult interests. Best place for having an early night in or spending time with the little ones?

Where do you plan to spend most of your time?

Is there one particular attraction you plan to visit or very much hope to see during your trip? Staying near Tower Hill might mean getting a room with a view of Tower Bridge or the Tower of London. Booking a hotel near Hyde Park or along the Thames might mean you get a bit of fresh air and a scenic walk no matter what your plans are for the day. Have a look at a map and imagine where you’d most like to find yourself.

What’s a hotel for anyway?

Do you want an all-in-one sort of hotel where any whim is catered? Need a spa, fancy restaurant, all that? Or, are you simply seeking somewhere comfy and convenient or maybe even just a safe place to park your bags and crash. Keep in mind what you’re after when you book. There’s no reason to spend money for amenities you don’t care about. Equally, why skimp if it’s just going to make your feel like you’re missing out?

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