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How Fast Are You at Getting Through Airport Security? Let’s Find Out!

Written by Dave Odegard

Is there anything more universally frustrating than having to endure slow-moving airport security? You get to the airport, excited to take off on your trip. But as you make your way from check-in to the gate, you have to get through the gauntlet of security agents, x-ray machines, metal detectors, body scanners, the risk of random search, and maybe even a pat down. Every airport and every country use different methods and agencies to safeguard travelers’ safety. But whether it’s TSA or CAAC (the Civil Aviation Administration of China), there are ways to get through airport security checks faster no matter where you are. Regular fliers who’ve mastered the art of modern air travel know these methods, habits, and tricks well, but do you?

Take the below quiz to see just how fast you are at getting through airport security! You might even learn something to help you speed up.

About the author

Dave Odegard

Dave Odegard is an ex-army brat turned internet word person, whose work has been published on Maxim Online, USAToday, Buzzfeed, and more. He is currently the Senior Content Writer at Fareportal (CheapOair's parent company) and spends his free time exploring the wilds of Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Sweden.

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