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10 Crazy Spa Treatments and Where You Can Try Them

spa facial
Written by Mandy Voisin

This blog post was updated on March 27, 2020.

There are a million reasons why someone wants to travel. Some are prompted to book a trip at a certain time of year to places like Japan to see the cherry blossoms or maybe to The Netherlands to admire the colorful tulips in bloom. And then there are others whose interest in traveling stems from out of the ordinary trends they see online or in a movie, like getting a pedicure from fish feeding on the dead skin on your feet. It may sound like an absurd reason to want to travel across the globe, but once you start reading about these crazy spa treatments we bet your interests will spark too, whether it’s to keep reading or to grab cheap international flights to experience it for yourself!

Snake Massage in Jakarta, Indonesia

In this 90-minute massage, three pythons do the massaging. The movement of snakes and the adrenaline accompanying it are said to have a positive effect on the metabolism. The session costs around $45 USD. The spa, Bali Heritage Reflexology is quick to assert that the snakes are non-venomous.

 Snow Room in Terrano, Italy

woman in hot tub outside in the snow

These thermal baths are an architectural wonder, and the 25-pool facility also includes saunas, free daycare for children, a 52,000-meter spa park and more. Famous for their hay bath, they have a new experience on the menu. Guests can indulge in a snow room, where you can cool down after a sauna “surrounded by fluffy white snow that covers the floor and slowly flutters down from the ceiling.” It’s meant to cool down the airways and increase oxygen saturation levels. Or, you know, you could just go outside.

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Seaweed Bath in Strandhill, Ireland

seaweed bath ingredients

Seaweed isn’t just for wrapping sushi. Apparently, it’s also beneficial for wrapping bodies. The Voya baths in Ireland cocoon guests in a steaming bath of fresh seawater and organic seaweed. Voya recommends the treatments for those that are stressed and overworked. The process apparently naturally detoxes skin, leaving it smooth and renewed. They also have an eye treatment option, where seaweed patches are placed over the eyes to fight the appearance of aging.

Salt Caves in Niagra Falls, Canada

Sitting in salt caves, also known as Halotherapy, is the practice of inhaling micro-sized salt particles. It supposedly works to break down mucus and congestion, while also reducing inflammation, cleansing airways, and disinfecting the sinuses and lungs. Patrons pay to sit in the caves and breathe. The cost is $45 for a 45-minute session. There are a variety of treatments to go along with the salt caves, including a Pink Salt Flotation, Pink Salt Bath, and Salt Foot Spa.

Fire Facial in China

Apparently hot in China, the fire facial is exactly what it sounds like. Patrons drape their faces in a towel soaked in alcohol, along with some skincare ingredients. Then, the towel is lit on fire. It doesn’t burn your face off because the esthetician keeps it only for only a matter of seconds before the fire reaches your skin. But still, fire on your face. It’s said to detoxify your skin and rejuvenate dead skin.

Caviar Facial in Chicago

woman getting a facial

Fish eggs are more than just a garnish at the Langham Hotel in Chicago. The Chuan Spa offers a Caviar and Crushed Pearl Facial for $350. This ocean-inspired facial promises to cleanse, soothe, firm and moisturize the skin, leaving it bright and hydrated.

Coffee Bath, Japan

Would you rather take a bath in coffee or wine? Yunessun Spa in Hakone Japan lets you do both. Yessun calls itself a “Hot Spring paradise,” only in addition to its natural hot springs, guests can lounge in a variety of other, umm, beverages. Wine, green tea, coffee, and for a limited time, ramen baths are available at this theme-park spa. The health benefits are unknown, but you’ll certainly have a great time!

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Hakali (Cactus) Massage in Punta Mita Mexico

This massage at the Four Seasons hotel in Punta Mita uses a combination of native-to-Mexico plants, as well as a tequila body lotion for a truly unique experience. The main ingredient is the Hakali, which is a cactus. It apparently helps to remove toxins and rehydrate the skin. And it’s yours for just $332 USD.

Golden Facial in West Hollywood, California

gold facial

It’s rumored that the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty was a golden facial, performed every night. The Raya Spa in California does just that, by using thin squares of 24-karat gold and applying it as a face mask. They claim it helps to repair oxidation damage and can help prevent age spots. Needless to say, it’s luxury at its finest, in the form of real sheets of gold.

Diamond Shampoo and Blowout in London

woman getting hair dried at salon

Harrods in London is renowned for being upscale and chic. But their diamond blowout just might be the peak of luxury. For $500, you’ll get a diamond and meteorite dust-infused shampoo and condition. And then a blowout that will leave your hair soft, voluminous, and shiny. They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend and your hair is your best accessory, so put together, your hair could be your new best friend.

What do you think? Would you book cheap international flights to travel to get one of the world’s most insane spa treatments? Tell us in the comments section below! 

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