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Calling All Comic Nerds! Here Are 9 Comic Con Events Worth Checking Out!

Image via Flickr CC - Jason Persse
Written by Chloe Nevitt

This blog post was updated on April 1, 2020.

Comic book conventions are events like no other. Die-hard fans getting together decked out from head to toe in the most insane costumes, meeting the writers and celebrities behind the comic scenes, and connecting with fellow fanatics from around the world. It sounds like a comic fan’s dream, doesn’t it?

And they happen year-round, all around the country!

So if you’re looking for a good con to check out, read on. Just beware that these assemblies often draw thousands of attendees, making it necessary to purchase tickets almost a year in advance. Consider this your head start to enter the best action-packed adventures in the country! Oh, and before you go, we advise you to nerd up to know everything about your favorite comics!

San Diego International Comic-Con

Image via Flickr CC-Pat Loika

Image via Flickr CC-Pat Loika

San Diego International Comic-Con has become the epitome of fandom in the interconnected world of comics, sci-fi, TV, movies, and pop culture. Ever since its inception in 1970, fans, professionals, and celebrities have taken part in a wide range of events, including star-studded panel discussions, costume competitions, previews for upcoming movies, TV shows, comics, and more. San Diego definitely draws international attention, there have been over 130,000 comic goers in attendance in past years!

San Francisco Comic Con

Some awesome cosplay at #SFCC2016!

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Watch out SDCC! There’s a new kid on the Cali Con block: The San Francisco Comic Con (SFCC). Just a few years old, the event has managed to attract a lot of fans, industry professionals, and celebs. The event runs in September, so just check their website for more details and who’s making special appearances.

Las Vegas SuperToyCon

The Las Vegas SuperToyCon puts its own spin on the traditional comic con in the form of wacky and wild toys. As any comic-lover knows, most of their favorite action-packed books are accompanied by figurines, toys, and gear. Though SuperToyCon does feature some of the traditional comic convention staples like cosplayers, celeb speakers, and event booths, the main draw is the tens of thousands of collector toys available for perusal and purchase. Keep your eyes open for dates to be confirmed for February.

Boston Comic Con


Image via Flickr CC – NikiSublime

Bean Town’s annual nerd celebration Boston Comic Con (BCC) has featured A-list celebrities like William Shatner and  Dr. Who stars John Barrowman and Jenna Coleman in past years. Additional appearances of this fanfare in Boston have been by Tim Curry, Kevin Smith, Ian Somerhalder, and Adam West (Batman from the cult 60s TV show).

Rose City Comic Con

Although it’s only been running for about 6 years, the Rose City Comic Con (which features a lovable Sasquatch mascot named Dave) has become one of Portland, Oregon’s most important pop-culture events. The Rose City CC goes down in September each year.

New York Comic Con


Image via Flickr CC – Jason Persse

Though the 11-year-old New York Comic Con (NYCC) is a mere baby compared to SDCC, its size and stature is impressive. NYCC, unlike SDCC, is a for-profit venture and previous editions saw around 180,000 fans flock to the city’s Javits Center. Organizers have made moves to avoid the resale of tickets by scalpers, but the process has been met with difficulties and the event is known to sell out in a matter of hours. NYCC usually takes place in the month of October.

Emerald City Comic Con

There’s probably no better place to dress up like your favorite superhero than surrounded by Seattle’s beautiful city and landscapes. The Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) is one of the many West Coast Comic Cons that strive to meet the needs of their ever-growing audience and fan base. Held annually in March, attendees will be able to rub shoulders with some of their favorite stars, writers, and illustrators at the Washington State Convention Center.

Florida Supercon

If your preferred superhero costume includes more skin than clothing, you might want to attend a comic-con in South Florida, usually held in July. Florida Supercon hosts artists, cosplayers and like most other cons, comic celebrities. Previous incarnations have hosted the likes of Dave Gibbons (the artist behind Watchmen), the cast of Adventure Time, and those involved with Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro. The staff is known for being ultra-friendly, though as the event has grown in magnitude, there has been some struggle to keep up with their guests’ needs.

Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, known as C2E2, came out of a demand from locals for a pop culture extravaganza. In response, the organizers of NYCC and ECCC launched the C2E2 in 2010. With a stacked Artist Alley, talented illustrators, designers, and creators can display and sell their work to enthusiastic fans. What’s more, unique to C2E2 is an area known as the Block, where trendsetters and so-called “tastemakers” can rub shoulders. The C2E2 takes place in April each year.

Are you crazy for Captain America? A hooligan for Dr. Who? Do you dream of wielding a lightsaber or a laser gun? Let us know what some of your favorite Comic Cons have been below!

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