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America’s Most Haunted Lakes and Ponds

What’s that lurking in the lake? Just a great story to add some fun to your Halloween holiday.
Here’s a list of America’s most haunted lakes and ponds guaranteed to make a spooky splash!
Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia
Said to have been turned red from the blood of killed soldiers during the Civil War Battle of Chickamauga, today Bloody Pond is one of a number of purportedly haunted spots around the Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park. When you go, be on the lookout for the local folks’ favorite ghost – Green Eyes!
Salem, Connecticut
There’s a fully intact house at the bottom of Gardner Lake. The house is there due to a botched attempt to move it across the lake when it was frozen over one winter. As the story goes, the ghosts of the children and older family members who drowned can be seen and heard around the lake. Some even say they’ve heard a piano being played from the part of the lake where the house sunk.
Francestown, New Hampshire
Scoby Lake aka Haunted Lake is well known for the mysterious sounds. Uncanny explanations for the weird noises include a massive fire killed everyone who lived around the lake. Another is that two men fought here to the death in the 1700s, the winner buried the other on the lake’s shore.
Madison, New Jersey
An apparition of the “Lady in Blue” has been the subject of numerous sightings around this lake, usually around sunset.
Long Island, New York
The largest fresh water lake on Long Island, Lake Ronkonkoma is supposedly haunted by the ghost of a Native American woman who committed suicide by drowning in the lake.
Laplace, Louisiana
What’s creepier than a swamp? If the gators don’t get you the ghosts will! Manchace Swamp near New Orleans is home to the ghost of voodoo priestess Julia White who has been hear seeing “One day I’m gonna die, and I’m gonna take all of you with me. To make matters even worse, the swamp is also the stomping grounds of the Rougarou – the legendary Cajun werewolf!
San Francisco, California
Stow Lake at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is home to the “Have you seen my baby?” ghost of a woman who lost her child when the stroller rolled away while she was chatting with someone else and not paying attention.
Dallas, Texas
Meet the Lady of the Lake, a young woman who appears to be dressed in a style out of the 1930s, completely drenched and wandering alongside East Lawther Drive at night. If you pick her up, she’ll vanish as soon as she sits but will leave your seat wet. Guess what? She’s a ghost!
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