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5 Awesome International Cat Cafes for You to Check Out

Shannon Durso
Written by Shannon Durso

If you’re a cat lover, then these cafes will surely interest you. Unaware of what a cat cafe is, exactly? Well, they’re your average cafe with a twist of felines prancing around to grace customers with their adorable presence. Cat cafes are the purr-fect treat for cat-people! It allows customers to relax, sip their coffee, and make new furry friends. You may have even gone or heard of a cat cafe before as they’re becoming popularity is increasing around the world.

Explore the coolest cat cafes around the globe by reading on. Oh, and did we mention, it’s National Cat Day!

Cafe Dog & Cats – Taipei, Taiwan


In the Japanese/Chinese culture cats are believed to bring good fortune and good luck. Which may be why Taipei has loads of cat cafes. If we’ve calculated correctly, Taiwan’s capital city has more than 50 feline cafes. If you’re interested in where it all began, then you should go to Cafe Dog & Cats. Originally, the cafe was named Cat Flower Garden until a dog invaded the space, which is when the name change happened. Along with your coffee, don’t forget to ask the barista for some treats, the kitties have to eat too!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London, United Kingdom

Heading to London? Check out this kitty bistro with 12 resident felines. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium has two levels with sofas, bookcases, and a play area for the cats. Inquire about making a reservation before you go because there are cakes to be tasted, tea to be sipped, and cat yoga classes to try out.

A note for those who plan to go: read the house rules– children under the age of 12 are not permitted to enter the emporium. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium is dedicated to keeping their cats safe, secure, and comfortable.

Cat Cafe Kyariko Shinjuku – Tokyo, Japan


Those visiting Tokyo in search for a cat-crazed cafe must visit Cat Cafe Kyariko Shinjuku. It’s a cat lovers dream to be loved by 50 adorable furry pals. But, 50 is a lot of cats for a small six-story building so beware: sneezing may occur. Don’t get too distracted by all the cats, grab your cup of coffee before sitting down with your new purr-ty friends.

Le Café des Chats – Paris, France

This cafe located in Paris differs from the rest being that it’s more of a restaurant rather than a coffee shop. Le Café des Chats also doesn’t charge an hourly fee as other cat cafes usually do. When your food is served don’t be greedy, sharing is caring especially with kitties. Food and comfort from a dozen furry friends, whats better than that?!

Cat Town Cafe – Oakland, California


Ever hear the phrase, “adopt don’t shop”? Well, Cat Town Cafe has incorporated both adopt and shop into one setting. This Oakland cafe became the first cat cafe in the US in 2014 and continues to be a popular spot in the Bay Area. You’ll find that this shop is dedicated to their cats. There are trees, shelves and climbing areas for the cats to have their fun on. And, if you fall in love with one (or a few) you may be able to take them home. Other than a cafe, this cat town is also an adoption center. Sounds like the perfect duo to me!

Ever been to a cool cat cafe? Tell us about it in the comments!






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