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4 Modes of Transport To Help You Get Around Atlanta

This blog post was updated on March 6, 2020.

4 Modes of Transport To Help You Get Around Atlanta

Atlanta balances southern, old world charm with a modern edge. The state’s capital and largest city is also a major transportation hub. Home to the world’s busiest airport year after year, it is no wonder that many travelers find themselves stopping in Atlanta. Whether you are on a layover or merely just looking to explore the city’s wide selection of music venues, entertainment options, attractions and museums, you will need to know your way around. Here are some of the main ways to traverse Atlanta.

MARTA-Rail: Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, otherwise know as MARTA, features both rail and bus lines. For travelers in Atlanta, MARTA-Rail presents one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get around town. With just four lines, the subway system isn’t the most complex. The east to west line runs between Indian Creek and Hamilton E. Holms while the south to north line heads from the airport to North Springs. All four lines intersect at Five Points Station in the heart of downtown Atlanta. MARTA-Rail lines run seven days a week with weekday hours from 4:45AM to 1AM and weekends from 6AM to 1AM. A one-way ticket costs $2.50. With 38 rail stations, the subway is often the key to getting around Atlanta with ease and without expense. It is also convenient from the airport. The station is attached to the airport, lending travelers the option to pay $2.50 to head downtown in about 20 minutes.

The Atlanta Streetcar: If you are looking to just stick to Atlanta’s downtown area, the Atlanta Streetcar presents a fine option to get around the compact space. The first section of the electric streetcar opened in December of 2014. While there are plans in the works for additional lines, the current East-West route connects the Centennial Olympic Park area to Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Those riding on the streetcar can hop off at 12 stops along the 2.7-mile track. The Atlanta Streetcar runs 7 days a week with a one-way ticket costing $1. A one-day pass runs for $3.

Taxis: Since many bemoan driving in Atlanta, mostly for the lack of spots, the expense and the chaos, taxis are yet another mode of transport popular in Atlanta. While not the cheapest way to travel throughout the city, taxis can be convenient as they frequently wait outside popular tourist attractions and hotels. Checker Cab Company remains one of the oldest outfits in town with roots in Atlanta in 1947. Rides beginning or ending at a business carry an $8 minimum. Other rides are metered with $2.50 for the first 1/8 mile and $0.25 for each additional 1/8 mile. If you want to take a taxi to or from the airport, it won’t be cheap at a flat rate of $30.

MARTA-Bus: Part of the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, MARTA-Bus also helps travelers dodge using a car in Atlanta. Running from 5AM to 1:30AM on weekdays and 5AM to 12:30AM on weekends, the bus provides a bit more range for specific areas of Atlanta that you want to reach. A single ride costs $2 and includes free transfers from buses and trains.

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