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4 Fun Cable Cars To Ride Around The World

Daleen Loest / Shutterstock
Written by Suzy Guese

This blog post was updated on May 12, 2020.

Daleen Loest / Shutterstock

Daleen Loest / Shutterstock

If I find myself traveling in a destination that happens to have a cable car, I often take novel ride up to such great heights. Cable cars can be fine ways to see a destination and survey its surroundings. Combining a thrill ride, a tourist attraction and means of transport, it is hard to beat the feeling of hovering through the sky, with nothing but a bunch of cables and wires keeping you there. Part dare devil part best view in the house, don’t pass up the chance to ride these cable cars around the globe that will whisk you up to such great height in the most dramatic of fashions.
Right near Da Nang, Vietnam, the Ba Na Hills Cable Car is one of the longest and highest non-stop single track cable cars in the world. Riders cruise on cables for more than 5 kilometers as they head from the foot of Ba Na Mountain to Vong Nguyet mountain. Due to its extensive length, the Ba Na Hills Cable Car boasts several dozen cars, making it possible to carry 1,500 visitors per hour.
While incredibly expensive, many riders claim the Aiguille du Midi cable car ride in France is worth it for the views alone. Acting as the current holder of the title of Europe’s highest cable car, Aiguille du Midi brings you to a height of 3,842 meters. Throughout the 20-minute journey, you can admire views of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps. However, most come up by cable car to see clear views of the famous Mont Blanc. A one way adult ticket might set you back nearly 50 Euros, but the ride rewards with 360-degree mountain views.
Mi Teleférico
Only just opened in 2014, Mi Teleférico currently holds the title of being the world’s highest and longest urban cable car. The cable car whisks passengers from the center of La Paz, Bolivia to the El Alto community, some 4,150 meters above the city. The 11 kilometer long ride was designed for commuters but tourists are quickly discovering the journey too. Not only can you bask in the size of La Paz, but you can also appreciate views of the snowcapped Andes Mountains. Mi Teleférico can accommodate 18,000 passengers in an hour.
Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the Table Mountain Cableway lives up to its name. The cable car system takes passengers up to the famous summit of Table Mountain, some 3,560 feet up in the air. Designed by a Swiss cable car company, the Table Mountain Cableway has an extra quirk. The cable car floor rotates 360 degrees so you don’t have to shove other passengers for views. All riders receive well-rounded views.

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