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15 Useful Travel Phrases in Croatian

This blog post was updated on May 1, 2020.

To say that learning Croatian is difficult would be an understatement. Even locals admit that their language is one tough cookie to learn. The Slavic language is similar to that of Serbian, Bosnian and Montenegrin. And while you might not be able to master Croatian on a two-week trip, it is still possible to learn the basics and impress locals in the process. Croatia has quickly become a travel hotspot, especially with the HBO series Game of Thrones using the country for many of its settings. If you are taking off to Croatia in the near future like so many are these days, don’t leave home without trying to master these useful travel phrases in Croatian.
Hello: Bog
Thank you: Hvala
Please: Molim
I don’t understand: Ja ne razumijem.
Do you have any rooms available?: Imate li slo bodnih soba?
I have a reservation: Imam rezervaciju.
Is this the road to…?: Je li ovo cesta za…?
Can I park here?: Mogu ovdje parkirati?
What time does the bus/train/ferry leave?: U koliko sati polazi autobus/vlak/trajekt?
I’m lost: Izgubio
Where can I buy…?: Gdje mogu kupiti…?
How much is it?: Koliko stoji?

Where is…?: Gdje je…?
Please bring the check: Molim vas donesite račun

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