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10 of the World’s Most Affordable Destinations for Solo Travel

Written by Dave Odegard

This blog post was updated on October 17, 2019.

There’s nothing quite like solo travel. If you’re never experienced the awesomeness of making a journey on your own or taking a vacation along, you’re missing out. The freedom to decide what to do next and the opportunity to make new friends allows for some amazing travel adventures.

Of course, not all destinations are best for solitary travel–whether it’s the local activities or friendliness of the people–some places are just better visited as a group. And (like everything else in the travel world) some places are more affordable than others. So with that in mind, here are 10 places around the world that are perfect for solo travel AND won’t break the bank.

Johannesburg, South Africa


The South African capital has a lot to offer visitors. There’s a vibrant city experience, including nightlife and shopping, and an amazing connection to nature, from nearby opportunities to see African wildlife to the very close beaches. The city’s notorious for cheap attractions and eats, but make sure you stick to the safer areas due to crime.



Shannon River near Limerick city, Ireland

Whether you’re taking in the countryside or exploring the city, the Emerald Isle is the perfect place to travel on your own — mainly because of the renowned friendliness of the Irish people. Obviously, big cities like Dublin are going to be pricey, but if you keep moving you’ll find lots of cheaper places to stay.

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Canals of Amsterdam at Night

Probably THE most affordable city in Europe to visit on your own, Amsterdam offers a wealth of low-cost cultural experience and chances to hang out with other travelers. Lodgings may be costly, but getting around and eating are pretty reasonable.

Portland, Oregon

Downtown, Portland, Oregon

Downtown, Portland, Oregon

With a lively arts scene and free-spirit culture, Portland is the perfect city to book airline tickets to if you’re traveling solo. It’s also notoriously inexpensive, with deals on everything from lodgings to food and even transportation.

Bangkok, Thailand


The Thai capital offers pretty much everything for tourists: shopping, nightlife, local cuisine, history, art, and plenty of activities. And it’s ALL cheap. In fact, the city is so low-priced for westerners that it’s marketed as a medical tourism destination, meaning it’s cheaper for some people to have procedures done there (with travel expenses).

Seoul, South Korea

Overlooking downtown Seoul

Overlooking downtown Seoul

South Korea’s capital city is pretty famous for being a cheap destination. Deals can be found aplenty on hotel and hostels and the local culinary offering (which is one of the main reasons to go). There’s also a great nightlife scene and more than enough history and culture to see.


A Kenya Safari

A Kenya Safari

If there’s one reason to visit Kenya, it’s the wildlife. The country is home to some of the most awe-inspiring parks, reserves, and conservancies in Africa. Aside from that, there’s also great city experiences, like in Nairobi, beaches, and a rich culture to explore. And visiting Kenya, from airfare to hotels, can be shockingly cheap.

Auckland, New Zealand

Aukland New Zealand

A visit to Auckland offers the chance to take in both the country’s breathtaking nature and explore the hip city’s offerings. You might have to hunt to find deals on airfare and where to stay, but there won’t be any problem finding cheap activities or places to eat.


Altun Ha, maya ruins in the tropical jungle of Belize

Altun Ha, Maya ruins in the tropical jungle of Belize

This Central American country pretty much as it all, with amazing beaches, chances for cool outdoor and ocean adventures, Mayan ruins, amazing local culture, and you won’t have to learn Spanish (the official national language is English). Staying in Belize is also pretty affordable, with plenty of deals on the various resorts — just keep your eye on the budget for activities (they can get pricey fast).

San José, Costa Rica

San Jose

Compared to other Latin American destinations, Costa Rica’s San José may seem pricier–but it’s still plenty affordable. It also offers something for every type of solo travel, from a rocking nightlife scene (both gay and straight) to thriving arts and culture and great culinary offerings, but it’s also short distance from everything worth seeing and doing in Costa Rica, including the country’s astounding natural landscapes.

Whether you’re an experienced solo traveler or someone wanting to journey on your own, we’d love to hear from you.  Share your comments below.

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