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Book cheap Savannah (SAV) car rental and enjoy the freedom to roam while you’re visiting! Envision driving along a winding road, windows rolled down, leisurely passing scenic mountains, romantic beaches or popular roadside attractions in a comfortable rented car. Hire a rental car in Savannah, take the road less traveled, and discover more about the attractions in and around Savannah!

Bull Street

Taking a stroll around Bull Street is the best way to getting to know about the city's historic district. The starting point is the City Hall and the US Customs House. To the south is the Johnson Square, which is the first square built in the new planned town of Savannah. There are hordes of other attractions on this street as well. Along this stretch are located several coffee shops, and restaurants. Visitors can also explore the street from the comfort of a horse drawn carriage.

Forsyth Park

The largest and most active park in the city, Forsyth Park was created in the mid 19th century. There is a large cast-iron fountain, which is the focal point of the park. This fountain has remained the primary attraction in the park. This park is also an excellent area to walk, with paved paths and shady trees. Several interesting buildings are located around the park. Within the Forsyth Park, there is the Band Shell and Visitor Center with amenities including a snack bar and a cafe.

Fort McAllister State Historic Park

Fort McAllister State Historic Park boasts some of best-preserved earthwork fortification of the Confederacy. Fort McAllister was used during the Civil War. This historic park is an excellent example of coastal defenses during the Confederacy. On the grounds of the site are cannons and other military operational items. There is also a Civil War Museum boasting interesting displays and information.

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