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Puthia is home to the largest number of historically important Hindu structures in the country. Among the imposing monuments in the village, Govinda Temple is the prime attraction. This temple was built between 1823 and 1895 by one of the queens of the Puthia estate. Govinda Temple boasts a large square structure capped by a set of miniature ornamental towers. The temple is sheeted with intricate designs in terracotta depicting scenes from Hindu epics.

Mohasthangar Mahasthangarh

One of the main attractions in Rajshahi, Mohasthangar Mahasthangarh was the capital of the Kingdom of the Gupta, the Sen, and the Mourjo dysnasties. It is an ancient archaeological area located on the western bank of river Karatoa. This scenic site has a fortified oblong enclosure as its landmark. This enclosure rises to an average height of around 15 feet from the surrounding paddy fields. There are numbers of ancient ruins with a semicircle of about five miles radius from this enclosure. Some of the major attractions at this fortified city are Govinda Bhita Temple, Mankalir Kunda, Khodai Pathar Mound, Jiyat Kunda, Parasuramer Bedi, and more.

Paharpur Buddhist Monastery

An excellent place to visit for spiritual travelers, Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is located in the Paharpur village in the Greater Rajshahi District. This monastery was established by King Dharma Pal in the 7th century. This monastery is regarded as one of the largest known monasteries in south of the Himalayas. This establishment occupies a quadrangular court. The monastery has elaborate gateway complex on the north with 45 cells and a total number of 177 rooms. The architecture of Paharpur Buddhist Monastery is deeply influenced by the Southeast Asian architecture, especially of Java and Myanmar. In the monastery, there is also a museum that is home to an assortment of objects including ancient statues of Vishnu and Buddha, potteries, coins, ornamental bricks, and more.

Mohasthangarh Museum

An interesting place to visit for history buffs, Mohasthangarh Museum is home to a wide range of antiquities, arraying from gold ornaments and coins to terracotta objects recovered from the excavation of the site. Mohasthangarh Museum is maintained by Bangladesh Archaeological Department.

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