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Parque Nacional Darien (or Darien National Park in English)

Darien National Park is the most extensive of all national parks of Panama. It is situated about 58 miles away from La Palma in Panama. This famous national park is home to a wide range of wildlife habitats and topographies like rocky coastlines, sandy beaches, mangroves, swamps and tropical forests. Darien National Park is consequently home to a large number of animals and plant species, both endemic and rare. This park also ranks among the top ten bird watching sites in the world.

Reserva Natural Punta Patino (or Punta Patino Nature Reserve in English)

The Reserva Natural Punta Patino is a private nature reserve located about 20 miles away the town of La Palma in Panama. Once a ranch in its earliest days, it has now evolved into a first rate ecological spot consisting of forests and natural habitats for several wild species. This natural reserve is home to a wide range of animal species including capybaras (the world's largest rodent) and hundreds of bird species (including harpy eagle, the largest extant species of eagles in the world).

Cerro Takarkuna

Cerro Takarkuna is the highest peak in Panama and is located in Darien National Park at a towering height of 6150 feet. This mountain attracts a large number of visitors during rainy season when it is surrounded by greenery from all sides. Darien National Park is home to rivers, forest and local flora and fauna that makes a trip to the mountaintop all the more worthwhile because visitors are awarded with a kaleidoscopic view of all natural bliss below.

Embera Tribe and the Village of Mogue

The riverside village of Mogue in Panama is home to indigenous tribe called Embera. This village is situated about 20 miles away from La Palma. As one would expect, these tribes are living in their traditional ways ever since the dawn of human civilization and are unaware of all the technological developments. They still live in thatched huts built on raised wooden platforms. A few private tour operators offer a four-day tour of the region.

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