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Cala Comte

Cala Comte is a beach in island of Ibiza, located in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia. This popular sandy beach attracts a large number of visitors every year for its turquoise Mediterranean waters and golden sand, and is flanked by several adjacent small coves. The western part of Cala Comte beach is a rocky cliff that is very famous among families.

Dalt Vila

Dalt Vila is the name for a medieval walled city in the Old Town of Ibiza. This UNESCO-listed summer getaway attracts thousands of visitors every year with its trademark Mediterranean ambiance, colorful houses and a bustling waterfront. It is situated on a small hill above the sea and stands surrounded by some 500-year old fortifications with three gates. Inside its fortifications, Dalt Vila is an old maze of narrow cobblestone streets and snake-like lanes. The city’s skyline is dominated by the 13th century Catedral de Nuestra Senora de las Nieves (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Snows), a Gothic cathedral built over an older mosque.


Stonehenge is Ibiza’s most famous year-round tourist magnet. It is built in the form of a semi-circular ring consisting of 13 simple monoliths placed above seaside pedestal. The tallest of them is 65 feet high and stands dominating the skyline with its gold-plated top.

Cala Bassa Beach

Cala Bassa Beach is a vibrant crowd magnet in Spain. It is located near San Antonio, less than 20 miles away from Ibiza. This beach is known for its turquoise waters and golden sands. Cala Bassa Beach is situated across a stunning backdrop of cliffs and pine trees. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving and jet skiing here followed by a grand evening at a campsite nearby. This sunny beach has dedicated spaces and facilities for young children and people with special needs, thus making it a preferred destination for people of all age groups.

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