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Cheap Zagreb Vacation Packages

The capital and the largest city of Croatia, Zagreb is located in the northwest of the country at the southern slopes of Medvednica Mountain, along the Sava River. It is the biggest metropolitan area in the country. Affluent in history, Zagreb offers a plethora of big-city attractions. This beautiful yet modern city experiences oceanic climate where snowfall is common in winter months, from December to March. The city is the political and cultural hub of Croatia and is flourishing, vivacious inland city with some of the best museums, shopping options, and restaurants in the country.

Places of Interest in Zagreb
Zagreb Cathedral and Treasury
Formerly named as St. Stephen's Zagreb Cathedral was erected on the site of a previous structure destroyed by Tartans in 1200s. The present cathedral is renowned for its two ornately decorated spires and was constructed in the second half of the 13th century. Tourists can also visit the cathedral treasury boasting a plethora of fine works of garments, religious art, and consecrated objects.

The Museum of Mimara
A wonderful place to visit for history buffs the Museum of Mimara was created to keep a collection donated by Ante Topic Mimara, a private collector. The museum is a Neo-Renaissance building. The extensive collection in the museum covers an immense array of items from an assortment of locations and time periods, incorporating a fine archeological collection boasting items from Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, the Middle East, Persia, India, the Far East, as well as Pre-Inca and Inca South America.

The Archeological and Ethnographic Museums
With its focus on the rich history of Croatia, Zagreb's Archeological Museum features five main collections including around 400,000 exhibits, several of which are of the local area. Ethnographic Museum, located adjacent to Archeological Museum, is also a place of interest. This museum boasts extensive collection showcasing the cultural history of Croatia through exhibits of musical instruments, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, gold, tools, elaborated costumes, and weapons.

The Croatian National Theatre
Located at the northwest corner of Zagreb's 'Green Horseshoe' in Donji Grad, the Croatian National Theatre was built in 1895 by Viennese architects Hermann Helmer and Ferdinand Fellner. Tourists can try the opera shows, drama, or ballet performances here in the theater.

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