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Yarmouth is a port town located on the Bay of Fundy in southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada. Yarmouth is the shire town of Yarmouth County and was known as ‘Gateway to Nova Scotia’ because of its proximity to the US in older times. During nineteenth century, Yarmouth was world’s busiest shipping center and was at the highest point of its financial prosperity. Visitors can still see a prolific account of those affluent times in the form of city’s two hundred year old architecture and cultural offerings.

Places of Interest in Yarmouth
Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Located just outside Yarmouth is the 19th century Cape Forchu Lighthouse in Cape Forchu, Nova Scotia. It displays a historical account of the lighthouse and Nova Scotia. In the year 2000, the original Fresnel lens used at the lighthouse was kept in the Yarmouth County Museum. A local society, ‘Friends of the Yarmouth Light Society’ operates a small museum in the lighthouse keeper’s house with exhibits relating to the lighthouse and local history.

Yarmouth County Museum and Archives
The Yarmouth County Museum and Archives is located in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia that depicts the history of Yarmouth County. It has the third largest collection of marine paintings in Canada. It also displays two Concord stagecoaches which used to ply between Yarmouth and the nearby community of Tusket in the mid 1800s. There is also a circular, metal plaque that was presented by the Canadian Bank of Commerce to commemorate the services of its employees who had served during the First World War. An impossible to miss attraction here is the mysterious Yarmouth Runic Stone, which dates back to 1000 BC and appears to have an inscription carved over it.

Pelton-Fuller House
Built around 1890 AD, Pelton-Fuller House is a two-storey wooden house made in Italian style. The interiors of the house are perfectly done and its period furniture, glassware, silverware and artworks are the central attraction here. Visitors can also explore its backyard which essentially is a well-maintained English rose garden.

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