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Cheap Urumqi Vacation Packages

The capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in China, Urumqi was once a major hub on the Silk Road at the time of Tang Dynasty in China. At present, the city is famous as one of the most inland major cities in the world. Urumqi is home to 49 minority ethnic groupd. The city looks like a piece of emerald perched on the foot of the Tianshan Mountains. Urumqi lies in the shadow of imposing ice-laden Bogda Peak with the pine-covered Southern Hill to the South, sand dunes of Zunggar Basin to the northwest and vast Salt Lake to the east.

Places of Interest in Urumqi
Tian Shan Mountains
Also called Celestial Mountains or Heavenly Mountains, Tian Shan Mountains is a large system of mountain range. Though the peaks of the mountains are sheeted with all round the year, the mountain area is still rich in plants and animal resources. Foliage here include dense forest, whirl pines, green spruce, and over 80 species of medical plants.

Heavenly Lake
Nestled in the middle of Bogda Peak, Heavenly Lake flows around 110 kilometers east of Urumqi. Due to melted snow as its source, the lake boasts crystal clear water. During summer, the lake becomes an ideal spot for enjoying boating and picnicking.

Xinjiang Regional Museum
A large integrated museum, Xinjiang Regional Museum is also a center for the collection for cultural relics discovered in the area. The museum features an exhibition area of around 7,800 square meters and its internal decor has strong ethnic features. The historical relics showcased in the museum include carpentries, weapons, writings, ironware, brocades, pottery, tomb figures, coins, bronze wares, and rubbings from stone inscriptions.

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