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Also known as Salonika, Thessaloniki is the capital of Greek Macedonia. It is the second-largest city in Greece. The city offers the cosmopolitan culture and energy of a metropolitan city with comfortable ambiance and charm of a small town. Thessaloniki is an excellent destination to experience the real Greece. It is a pleasant city with a varied multiethnic heritage resulted due to different civilization that have left their impacts, including Venetians, Romans, and Ottoman Turks. Tourists here can explore a plethora of tourist attractions such as Byzantine churches, topnotch archeological museum, ancient ruins, scrumptious local cuisines, and fine restaurants. The city is also popular for its music scene as several band performances are held at venues all through the city and all around the year.

Places of Interest in Thessaloniki
Roman Rotunda (Saint George's Church)
Arguably the most magnificent monument in Thessaloniki, Roman Rotunda was built in the early fourth century. It was transformed into the Church of Saint George after the liberation from the Turks in 1912. This spectacular sanctuary makes a mesmerizing impression. Roman Rotunda is more than 24 meters in diameter and 30 meters in altitude and features cylindrical domed architecture that is similar to the Pantheon in Rome.

The White Tower (Reminiscent of the Byzantine-Era Ramparts)
Easily reachable through taking a picturesque walk along the Seafront Promenade, the White Tower is the most recognizable landmark of the city. It is located in a small public garden at the south end of the promenade. Once a part of town's ancient ramparts, the White Tower was built by Ottoman Turks about 1530. This spectacular tower was mainly used as a prison. The monument is also home to a museum boasting the permanent collection of the Museum of Byzantine Culture.

Archeological Museum
An excellent spot for history buffs, Archeological Museum is a popular museum boasting a collection of artifacts belonging to the history of Thessaloniki as well as over ancient Macedonia. Tourists can also explore the sculptures from the Archaic to Late Roman Era. A number of rooms put on display the architectural elements from an Ionic Temple dating back to the sixth century BC.

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