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Surgut is a Russian city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area and is located on the Ob River. It not exactly an administrative or economic capital of the region but it is still the most populated in the Siberian region-and this is not too typical of a Russian city that hadn’t troubled the population department until 1960s. Surgut had shot to prominence on Russian map after oil and some other natural resources were discovered here. Sixty five years post that discovery; the city has grown by leaps and bounds to include a few museums and cathedrals that you would take a liking to. However, it is a remodeled village of the sixties and the traditional winter sports here that would leave you with the most to cherish with when you take your flight back home.

Places of Interest in Surgut
Stary Surgut (Old Surgut Historical and Cultural Center Museum)
Stary Surgut is a village that has been remodeled and reconstructed to look exactly like a desolated Siberian village of the sixties. It captures the authenticity of the bygone times in the city (when the oil was being discovered here) through its fourteen old wooden houses and a Northern Russian Orthodox church. This meticulous wooden setup is a direct reflection of the culture of indigenous people here and the way they used to go about their lives.

Surgut Regional Museum
The Surgut Regional Museum hosts an extensive collection on the history of the region. It has dedicated displays on Old Believers and some socialist era statues. Since Siberia was also a dreaded place where political dissidents and other hardened criminals were sent to die, an account of their sufferings is also shown here. There is a captivating display of the times before the disintegration of USSR and it shows children’s clothing, memorabilia and some toys of that time.

Monument to the Founders of the City of Surgut
Surgut is believed to have been founded by three men with different occupations: a military commander (or maybe a magistrate), a merchant and a hunter. The Monument to the Founders of the City of Surgut is a prominent landmark of the city that was raised in respect of the fabled trio. On its inside, it contains four 15-foot bronze statues of the Founders and a priest who was sent here on official orders. Alongside is a description of some Orthodox Christian ideas and images of the soldiers who had built the city in 16th century.

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