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The medieval city of Skovde is for those who believe that beautiful things come in small packages. This Swedish city is your one-point destination to explore countryside and nearby small towns for that exquisite Swedish identity. Skovde is located at a three hours ride from the national capital (Stockholm) and this allows you a chance to explore both the cities in less than a week’s time. In 1759 AD, a major part of the city was burnt due to a fire and the city was left with only a few old, red-colored houses. Since Skovde is a historical city, its heritage is best visible through its museum (Skovde’s City Museum) and cultural center (Skovde’s Civic Cultural Centre). Its music festival is another thing that deserves a visit, and should not be missed.

Places of Interest in Skovde
Skovde Civic Cultural Centre
Opened to celebrate city council's 100th anniversary, Skovde Cultural Centre is the Sweden’s first cultural center. It consists of city theatre, cinema auditorium, restaurant, cafe, library, and an art museum with exhibitions of Swedish contemporary art.

Balthazar Science Center
The Balthazar Science Center is a place where kids can play with science like adults and vice versa. It’s indeed a fun place to learn science the way it is and the way children would prefer to understand it. You can try all the experiments in a safe environment here and discover the way science never was in your school.

As a strategically important city, Skovde is guarded by two armored divisions of the Swedish army. Therefore, it is only very apt that the city also has its own military museum- and it is known by the name of Ryttmastarbostallet. You can find guided tours in Swedish and English both but visits shall need to be booked well in advance. It is situated in a three hundred years old village and showcases past defense layouts and Sabre collection as its highlights.

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