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The capital and the largest city of the Republic of Macedonia, Skopje is the academic, political, economic, and cultural hub of the country. It is a modern city and has continues to be a focus for economic developments, refurbishments, and constructions. The city is an attractive tourist destination with its fortress, historical and cultural monuments, sport halls, archeological sites, health spa in the eastern part of the country, and caves in the canyon of the Tresca River and Lake Matka. Skopje is internationally famed for being the birthplace of Mother Teresa.

Places of Interest in Skopje
Built of stone and bricks with 55 arches supported on colossal pillars, Aqueduct is located north-west from Skopje. Aqueduct was used to supply water to the city from the gorge Lavovec in Gluvo Village. Interestingly, in former Yugoslavia, there were only 3 aqueducts remained, two in Montenegro and one in Macedonia.

Cifte Amam
A colossal historical bath in Skopje, Cifte Amam was built by Isa Bey in 1531. Cifte Amam is the second largest in the city from that time. The bath is divided into two parts with distinct bathing entrances for women and men. The literal meaning of Cifte Amam in Turkish is 'double bath. The site has now been turned into an art gallery.

Daut Pasha's Amam
One of the most prominent monuments of the Islamic profane architecture, Daut Pasha's Amam is a Turkish bath built by the grand vizier of Rumelija, Daut Pasha in the 15th century. This bath has been turned into an art gallery today with an assortment of Macedonian icons of 14th to 19th century works of Macedonian artists.

Skopje Clock Tower
Built between 1566 AD and 1572 AD, Skopje Clock Tower is located on the "Krste Petkov-Misirkov" street, on a hill behind the "Sts. Cyril & Methodius University". The tower stands in the forecourt of Hjuncar and boasts a hexagonal foundation. The rooftop of the tower resembles a lot of lateral domes of the new Moscow style of Russian Medieval architecture.

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