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The Swiss city of Sion is the capital of Valais and is known for castles and white wine. This ancient city has seen a regular curve of history and evolution during its eight thousand years of existence, and the same consistency is visible in its plethora of historical and cultural attractions. The city is hallmarked by Castle Tourbillon and the Castle of Valeria, two of its most prominent attractions that lie atop a hill each and are visible from a distance. Sion also has a well preserved collection of prehistoric and Roman settlements, and the huts of the middle Neolithic period are a must visit attraction for any history buff here.

Places of Interest in Sion
Tourbillon Castle
Built in 1290 AD and burnt in 1788 AD, Tourbillon Castle is the most popular attraction in Sion. It is situated atop a rocky spire, facing another prominent attraction - the Castle of Valeria. It can be accessed only through a steep flight of stairs that may be tiresome to most people. However, the view up the castle is grand and more than makes for it.

Valere Basilica (Castle of Valeria)
Valere Basilica is an eight-hundred year old fortified church sitting atop a hill in Sion. It is also considered a masterpiece of Swiss architecture and could well might be treated as the sound of history across the centuries.

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