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Shoreham-by-Sea is a Pre-Roman seaside town and port in West Sussex (England) that is known for its old cottages and scenic locations. It is one of the very few towns in England that have a history and evolution exclusively centered on fishery. Shoreham is known for its scenic riverfront and Pre-Roman architecture, though not much of the latter stands in sunlight today. Some major tourist attractions here include St Mary de Haura Church (estd: 1103 AD), Shoreham Beach, Marlipins Museum, Church of the Good Shepherd (estd: 1913 AD) and the Red Lion Inn (constructed in eighteenth century).

Places of Interest in Shoreham
Mary de Haura Church
It is a dilapidated twelfth century Anglican Church and number one attraction in the city. The church is a structure of pale stone and cobbled flints lined-up with ashlar work. The interior was prominently laid in Horsham tiles but has now depreciated in beauty because of inclement weather and the civil war. This Grade I building of England is a must visit, if not for its religious value then certainly for its historical worth.

Marlipins Museum
Marlipins Museum is a 12th to early 13th century Grade II listed building on the High Street in Shoreham-by-Sea, England. Known to be the oldest complete secular building in Britain, this museum is distinguished by its chess-board pattern of stone flint on its facade. The most intriguing part of its history is that its use or reason of construction is yet unknown. There are various theories that range from it being a storehouse for wool and hides, a hospital, or even a meeting-house for the Knight Templar. Marlipins Museum now depicts Shoreham's important maritime and local history.

Red Lion Inn
This prominent Grade II historical building is an eighteenth century public house in the Old Shoreham. Lord Alfred Tennyson's poem ‘Rizpah’ is based on true events that happened at the inn in the 19th century and later resulted in the capture and execution of some robbers.

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