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The capital and the largest city of Bosnia and Harzegovina, Sarajevo is nestled within the greater Sarajevo Valley of Bosnia. The city is surrounded by the Dinaric Alps and is situated along the Miljacka River in the center of Southeastern Europe and the Balkans. Sarajevo is the leading cultural, social, and political hub of the country. Because of its affluent and long history of cultural and religious variety, the city is called the 'Jerusalem of Europe'. The city is a living history museum and is replete with mosques, churches, cathedrals, and government buildings constructed by the Ottoman Turks and Austria-Hungarians.

Places of Interest in Sarajevo
An oriental market located in the heart of Sarajevo, Bascarsija is the main tourist attraction in the city. This bazaar is one of the oldest and best-preserved examples of oriental architecture in the Balkans. In the past, all streets of this market were dedicated to different kinds of craft such as pottery, jewelry, metalwork, and so on. At present, a lot of the old artisan shops have been converted to cafes and souvenir shops.

The National Museum
Founded in 1888, The National Museum is the oldest of the modern scientific and cultural institutions in the country. The establishment of this museum is influenced by a series of historical events. The museum covers an immense array of areas including natural history, archaeology, geography, art history, ethnology, and history.

Serbian Orthodox Cathedral
The largest Serbian Orthodox church in the city, Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is also one of the largest in Balkans. This church is dedicated to the nativity of the Theotokos. Serbian Orthodox Cathedral is constructed as a three-section basilica inscribed in a cross-shaped plan and also features five domes. The cathedral is arched by round elements. The architectural beauty of the cathedral adds to its significance as a tourist attraction.

The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque
Considered the most important Islamic structure in the country, The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque is one of the finest examples of Ottoman architectures in the world. This mosque was built by the famed Ottoman architect Adzem Esir Ali 'Alauddin'. The Gazi Husrev-bey Mosque features wonderful architecture. Under the dome and at the place where the imam leads the prayer boast spectacular stalactite ornamentation in the angles. This mosque is one of the favorite meeting places for Muslims in Sarajevo.

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