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Cheap Sandane Vacation Packages

You shall need only five words to describe Sandane- lagoon, lake, hills, glacier and beauty. This Norwegian village is the administrative center of Gloppen in Sogn og Fjordane county and is preferred by tourist all the year round for its calm and tranquil ambiance. Sandane’s limpid charm is mostly due to its undeterred proximity with nature and that it is flanked by natural features on all four sides to complete the equation. The north is dominated with a steeply rising terrain that plays a prelude to the magnificence of southern residential hills and a prominent camping ground there. To the east is a plateau about 30 meters above sea level that connects to the proud reminiscent of the large farms of medieval times on the west coast.

A visitor would be best advised to visit Sandane in June to witness the celebration of its iconic festival called Glopperock. First organized in 1980, it is an outdoor rock concert staged annually in Jolet. You can also visit Nordfjord Folk Museum nearby to know more about the history of the village.

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