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Sana’a often sounds like a beautiful young girl’s name to most people. However, it is the capital of the Republic of Yemen and the touchdown point of all visitors coming to this ancient country besides being one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world. If you were to find an Islamic city where industrialization hasn’t been prominent and cost of living is very less, you would find Sana’a much to your liking.

Places of Interest in Sana'a
Bab al-Yaman
Bab al-Yaman or the ‘Gate of the Yemen’ is the main gate of Sana's old fortified wall on the southern part of the city. It was built in the 17th century by the Turks and today it serves both as a departure point to some nearby cities and also as a tourist attraction of being the most ornate gate in the city. For the latter part, it should be mentioned that the Yemeni architecture is indeed the most stellar attribute of this monument. You will also be bewildered with some decorated houses alongside here that are waterproofed with lime plaster and slaked lime.

National Museum of Yemen
As per a count in 2007, the National Museum of Yemen had over thirty thousand antique items in its possession. This museum was founded in 1971 AD in one of the Yemeni Imam Palaces, Dar al-Shukr, in Al-Tahreer Square in the city center. The museum contains an extensive collection of artifacts belonging to ancient kingdoms of Yemen and even the time before them. An unrelated display of Yemeni military’s arms and ammunitions can be seen at Military Museum which is located nearby.

Dar al-Hajar
This is a royal palace near Sana’a but is quite unlike any that that you would have seen. This trademark palatial building sits on the top of a rock in Wadi Dhahr Valley and appears to “grow vertically upwards” from the very rock on which it is situated. It was made by Yemen’s prodigious architect Ali bin Saleh Al-Amari for the then ruler of Yemen, Imam Yahya Muhammad Hamid ed-Din.

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