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Cheap San Carlos De Bariloche Vacation Packages

Argentina’s legendary love for soccer is perhaps what makes the world go round. You would know more about Maradona and Messi than about all the Argentinean presidents put together. However, the natural scenery amidst Andes mountains, glacial lakes and Pampas grasslands of this Latin American country is quite a second dimension to its identity and this is what attracts visitors here. Much is the same for San Carlos de Bariloche, the ‘Little Switzerland’ of Argentina. It is a must for those who’d like to experience the city’s Switzerland-like atmosphere, its chocolate boutiques and malty.

Places of Interest in San Carlos de Bariloche
Francisco Moreno Museum of Patagonia
San Carlos de Bariloche is a quiet and scenic city whose limpid charm would never escape you once you have spent your first five nanoseconds here. Of specific mention in the same context is Francisco Moreno Museum of Patagonia and like all museums that extol and describe the host country’s history and culture, this one is no different. However, it also has an extensive collection of fossils, geological findings, pre-historical relics, aboriginal history, historical artifacts relating to the time between Spanish colonization and Argentine War of Independence and much more.

The Civic Center
The Civic Center at San Carlos de Bariloche could well might be a photographer’s delight for its sheer honeycomb of tourist attractions. You can visit it during day or night or both and it would still continue to amaze you with the same bewitching beauty and grandeur every time. Paved with old slates, it was opened in 1940 amidst a majestic backdrop of Lake Nahuel Huapi, a Neo-Gothic Cathedral, a green park, a statue of horse mounted General Julio Roca to place strategic facilities like the Town Hall, the Provincial Police, Customs, Sarmiento Library and National Parks Administration in close vicinity. A twenty minutes stroll here while playing (or just admiring) Saint Bernard dogs would just about pack the punch.

El Bosque de Arrayanes (Los Arrayanes National Park)
Have you ever tried to put white, green and cinnamon colors together and come out with something stunning? Yes or no, you should come down to El Bosque de Arrayanes (also known as Los Arrayanes National Park) to witness only the second place in the world after Japan to see cinnamon-colored Arrayan trees and white flowers amidst assorted greenery, flora and fauna. Exclusive to this well-known forest is its southern end where, in a 0.2 square kilometer stretch, you’ll find three hundred year old Arrayan trees.

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