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Cheap Salvador Vacation Packages

The first town and the former capital of Brazil, Salvador is now the capital of the state of Bahia. Its identity is best found in its historical Old Town, which has a vibrant musical scene and is the sparkling center of the world-famous Carnival celebrations. Overcoming its disgraceful past that once used to revolve around slave trading, Salvador has now evolved into a world city thanks to its culinary arts, music, architecture, and the trademark ‘Joie de Vivre’ that reaches to touch millions of people beyond all geographical boundaries.

Places of Interest in Salvador
Cidade Alta (Upper City)
Cidade Alta is where history and architecture meet in this Brazilian city. In its heart sit two large squares, Praça da Se and the Terreiro de Jesus that are connected at the corner by a cathedral. Praça da Se square has some beautiful fountains and some fenced-off ruins of the foundations of its namesake church. The Terreiro de Jesus is livelier of the two and would take you closest to the face of the city with its vast number of food carts, stalls, and vociferous revelers. It is flanked by four churches and a nineteenth century Faculdade de Medicina (Faculty of Medicine) building. Next up is a nineteenth century (and now discontinued) funicular railway called Plano Inclinado Gonçalves that was once used to travel between Cidade Alta and Cidade Baixa on terrifyingly steep tracks.

Convento de Igreja de Sao Francisco (or Church of the Convent of San Francisco)
The Convento de Igreja de Sao Francisco is a church that imbibes two centuries of artisanship and architecture- and is one of the top draws here. It was built in eighteenth century and was decorated majorly in the next century. Its interiors are covered with golden sculptured gilt woodwork and paintings, thus making them a classic example of Portuguese-Brazilian Baroque gilt woodwork art (Talha Dourada).

Museu da Misericordia (or the Museum of Mercy)
The Museu da Misericordia is based in a four hundred year old building of the first Brazilian hospital. Visitors are taken through a guided tour to four hundred year old furnishings, portraits and other historical artworks. This iconic museum is neatly flanked by Igreja da Misericordia (Church of Misericordia), which is known for its stunning 18th-century woodwork.

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