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St. Tropez is the Page 3 of France. It was once an unheard of, sleepy little place in the French Riviera on which sun possibly started to shine during the dusk of nineteenth century. This coastal town shot to prominence with Brigitte Bardot starrer blockbuster Et Dieu Crea la Femme (And God Created Woman) in 1955 AD. Ever since its thespian faculty became obvious, St Tropez became the preferred holiday destination to French and American celebrities. The picture-perfect beauty of the town is in the same league as that of other notable (read: legendary) French cities like Cannes, Paris and Marseilles and its electrifying atmosphere, azure colored sea, white sands, Mediterranean ambience, cobblestone streets and delicate French ambiance would leave you mesmerized forever and three days.

Places of Interest in St. Tropez
Vieux Port (Old Port)
As the name suggests, it is the oldest part of the St Tropez and is characterized by a strange conglomeration of yachts, boats, café, paintings, (fish and fruits) markets and possibly everything that this vibrant town could ever throw at you. It would be advisable to traverse much of it on foot to absorb its unparalleled joie de vivre. Vieux Port retains much of its charm during the night too and it would be quite a task not to get overwhelmed by it. Here’s a tip: this place is at its magnificent best during the last part of September when different luxury yachts come together to provide a spectacle beyond words.

Mueée de l'Annonciade (Museum of Annunciation)
St Tropez has a reputation of being a beach resort, but you’d be both particularly and pleasantly surprised to know how immaculately it has treasured its past. Welcome to Musée de l'Annonciade or Museum of Annunciation, the place where you’ll get to see some of the most glorious parts of its history. In its centre, you will find here a collection iconic paintings of Paul Signac that had once become a rage during the last parts of nineteenth century. It is flanked by a beloved series of paintings from other notable artists like Signac, Signard, Braque, Dufy and Rouault that form a linear progression of magnificence that could only be next to heavenly. If for nothing else, you should visit Musée de l'Annonciade for its blissful aesthetics and the sheer piece of genius that is contained herein.

Maison des Papillons (Butterfly Museum)
True, we could have described the beaches here and told about how electric the atmosphere there is, but we thought to give way to a more scintillating part of St Tropes. Maison des Papillons or Butterfly Museum is paradigm shift from the usual ooh la la atmosphere of the beach town. Here you shall find more than thirty five thousand different species of butterflies, central to which is collection of butterflies from Mercantour region, Amazonia and the Solomon Islands in natural environment. It must be noted that thousands more species are under investigation of the owners of the museum and they are being examined to know what would be the best possible conditions for them to thrive. Once the task is completed, they too shall be added to the repertoire.

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