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The Norwegian town of Roros is much like a wooden time capsule in which time seems to have stopped twice, first in 1644 AD and then in 1977 AD. This may seem confusing to most people but for those who believe in the concept of timeless beauty, Roros is just the place to be in this summer. In the beginning, this town in the Land of Midnight Sun wasn’t even a town in the truest sense of word because it was essentially a place where copper was mined, and scattered settlement was only a mere supplement to its business. Today, it has many wooden buildings, street patterns and cultivated farms in the center of town to be just the same as they were in 1644 AD. The next occasion when the time stopped here was in 1977 AD when mining was officially put to an end, and this official order did literally leave the town with unattended copper mines and a unique history that is second to none in Norway.

Places of Interest in Roros
Roros Church
Roros Church was actually a culmination of religious aspirations of mining workers, early dwellers and the mine owners in this newly found town. In the absence of any noted architect, the construction wasn’t exactly ground-breaking or spectacular in any sense, and so you may also find the church a little queer. It was in 1784 AD that the first masonry octagonal construction took place here by a mining company and it took the legal ownership of the church.

Roros Copper Works
This company was the face of Roros during 1644 AD and 1977 AD, and has now been turned into a museum for most part. This company lived for an incredible 333 years and was endowed with an absolute right to all natural resources within 44 kilometers radius of the town. In 1769 AD, it was mentioned in the company records that out of a near thousand inhabitants that were living in the town then, more than a half were working for this company.

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