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As a centennial city in Wyoming (US), Riverton offers all that a visitor would like to see in a couple of day’s time. It has history, heritage, hiking, adventure, golf, musical concerts, fine arts, hot air balloon rides and even casinos. No wonder, the city is a hotcake among the visitors in all seasons.

Places of Interest in Riverton
Riverton Museum
It wouldn’t do you much good if at first you’re oblivious to the fabric of this American city. This accounts for the reason that you should head straight for Riverton Museum to get a clear insight about the city and the history that surrounds it. Riverton Museum is your go-to point to know more about the people who brought this city to life in 1906 AD. Exclusive displays here include artifacts from those ‘Wild Wild West’ eras and those trying times when the city was transitioning to a more modern approach. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday and an entry here won’t cost a thing. A similar place to explore here would be Wind River Heritage Center, which essentially shows wax statues of wildlife present here.

Castle Gardens Petroglyph Site
This is unlike any other experience that you’ll get in your life. It is a millennium old natural and historical wonder not cut, but rather cropped in sandstone. It is known that Native Americans have preferred this place to create their stone art (called petroglyphs) depicting warriors holding shields and arms. Its gradual erosion by natural forces like sun, rains and storms have made it look like an old white colored castle.

Hot air balloon rides
This is a sure shot recipe to melt your heart, and it wouldn’t matter a trifle whether you’re nine or ninety years old. Weather permitting, you can soar to safe heights above the city to get an enthralling 360 degree view of all that lies below and further ahead up to the zeniths. Riverton’s most famous hot air balloon is called ‘Cloud Kisser’ and you should take a ride (read: flight) in it as it goes about justifying its name.

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